Tuesday, April 29, 2014

First Week in Cali!

It’s so good to hear everyone is doing good. My companion works very hard. He’s like the best missionary in Cali. No joke. He has like 50 or 60 baptisms, something like that. I’m learning a lot from him. He’s a really good teacher and really knows how to listen to the people. He’s awesome.

My house is not so bad. My companion says that it's not the worst but not the best. Haha. Oh and his name is Elder Rojas from Peru. It's really hard to study in the mornings because in our house there are 3 stories. We are on the second and there's people in the first and third. In a section of the place there's no ceiling for all the floors so you can hear everything from everyone that lives there. The people downstairs at 8 in the morning start blaring their salsa music all morning. I mean super loud. It's so hard to concentrate. Haha. Oh and Vallenatos, que mas...

Everyone is super nice. Like everyone. I love it. I talk with everyone and they all love us. The people are awesome. Oh and the other day we got attacked by a horse. He started chasing us and we had to run. Finally he stopped. It was too crazy. Haha. And yea the area is shady. Where we live not so much but where we have some investigators it's scary. Well my companion said it's scary. To me, it's perfect. I don't see danger at all. Haha. He said this is the most dangerous area in the whole mission, but the best area to teach.

The members here are awesome and the investigators are amazing. Just to give you an example. We have 30 investigators and 18 attended church on Sunday. I already taught my first family and invited them to baptism.. They all accepted. It's crazy how much work there is here. And this family is awesome. They have a lot of problems but we are helping them through it. The father is trying to get me to marry his daughter. Haha. But they are made of gold and ready to get baptized. It feels awesome. Then another lady named Consuelo. Wow. She's amazing. We taught her the other day and I bore my testimony and she started crying and the spirit was so strong. Then she asked me to pray and I don't even know what cam out of my mouth but somehow it lit the room up and again she started crying. It was the best feeling ever and now she's ready for baptism as well.

The missionary work here is amazing. We don't knock on doors. I have not knocked on one. We work with the members. They give us references and we only work off of that. Members give them to us left and right. We are always busy. The members are made of gold. They are always working to bring people unto Christ.

Tell Cynthia that I'm so happy she is getting baptized. I know her life will be blessed for this choice she's making. She will be so much happier. I'm so happy for her. And tell Karo I'm so proud of her. Keep up the hard work. I love you guys all. Have a good week. Talk to you next week.

Oh and the food, holy cow, amazing. Juice every day of different fruits. It's so good. And they are always feeding us. We never go hungry. I have never eaten so much in my life. Haha. My companion likes to exercise so we work out every morning. :) He has a DVD player and we do insanity every night and morning. Haha. It's great. Okay, that's all. I love you guys a lot.

Elder Gomez

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