Monday, August 25, 2014

Zone Conference, transfers and big changes

Good bye to Elder Munoz - Bienvenido Elder Ruiz!

My comp Elder Munoz y el loro
Querida familia,
You guys won't believe what happened! There has been changes. I'm going to Pasto ha-ha. I'm scared because they moved me up to district leader and not only that but I'm also going to have a son: I am going to train a new missionary! I'm super scared because I don't know the area I'm going to be district leader at and I'm going to teach a missionary ahh! I'm scared. This is what missionaries do when they have been a year in the mission not 4 months! I'm going to trust in the lord and hopefully I don't die of stress ha-ha.
A  district leader is in charge of like 8 missionaries and my new companion's name is elder Ruiz and that's all I know about him ha-ha. I don't remember what area I'll be in. I was too freaked out about the other news to pay attention to the details ha-ha. I know Pasto is a colder area so I'm glad I have the vest you made me and I'm going to use it a whole bunch. thank you. 

It's awesome that you got to do all that missionary work it makes me really, really happy and to hear how the family is doing. Keep up the good work. This week my companion got sick and one day we stayed in the house all day how boring I know. It was cool because I got to study a lot but after an extra hour of studying I was bored of that too ha-ha.  We had zone conference with president Pricoli and it was awesome. His wife and him are really good, they are changing the mission drastically. President Prince was more about the numbers but with Pricoli its all about spiritual experiences so that the investigators can actually be converted to the gospel. That's way cool I like it. He trained us on how we can teach with the spirit. I also received an award of excellence for having 10 baptisms in 3 months and that was awesome. The award is called Capitán Moroni, also at the end they asked me to pray in English and I have forgotten all my English. I felt so dumb the prayer was awful and afterwards president Pricoli came up to me and told me, "you forgot your English ugh" ha-ha. Que piedra no puedo hablar Ingles ni Español ha-ha. (I can't speak English nor Spanish).

This coming week I will have so much to say because of the changes, new companion and new area. It will be cool but I'm going to miss my ward and the people here. I have grown to love them so much its not even funny. It's like a love much more than anything because these are the people I have served for almost 5 months with all my heart and I have seen their change so they all hold a special place in my heart but it will be cool to start that over again. 

 Family, this week I studied a lot about love and how important it is for us to have love. When Jesus came here on this earth he had a mission to teach us by example and the thing he showed us most was love and how to love. There is a saying that I love a lot and says, {its not how much you love its how much you are loved by otheres that measures your heart}. I love that saying from the Wizard of Oz because it teaches us that the only way we can really love is not by loving passively but by action like serving people. When we serve others they grow to love us. So when they love us is how we know we are really loving. Makes sense? I hope this week you guys can think of ways you can love others by serving them and I promise you will receive blessings. In 1 Corintios 13 -2 (Charity, a pure love, excels and exceeds almost all) shows us how important it is to love so think about that scripture and see how you guys can love meaning serve someone this week.

Love you guys have a good week.
Elder Gomez

Monday, August 11, 2014

Faith in Jesus Christ & miracles

Elder Gomez has served for 4 months already. Can't believe that!
Hola Familia,
It's so good to hear from you and all the great things that happened this week. I love you guys very much. I'm so glad you are having a family come over to the house and that you are helping the missionaries. More than anything the investigators need friends, invite them to something they like that you guys can do together. The missionaries do all the teaching but you guys  como miembros necesitan ser sus amigos (as members need to be their friends). They need to feel cómodos en la iglesia (comfortable at church). So éxitos con esa familia (wishing you success with that family).
Sorry for the Spanglish but I'm forgetting the English and my Spanish is still not quite there yet. I can't speak one or the other ha-ha. Dime con va todo con ellos y manda saludos de mi parte y que estoy muy feliz por ellos. (Let me know how everything goes with that family and please say hi to them from me and that I'm happy for them.)  El evangelio es el mejor cosa que pueden hacer como familia y que realmente pueden tener la certeza que su familia puede estar juntos por la eternidad. (The gospel is the best thing they can have as a family and they can be certain that their family can be together for all eternity.)

 Pues quiero como familia que todos podemos pensar cuanto confiamos en nuestro senor Jesucristo. El otro día mi compañero y yo estábamos hablando acerca de porque nosotros no podemos hacer milagros como los pioneros y llegamos a la conclusion que no tenemos suficiente fe y que no confiamos en el lo suficiente. Es algo que todos los días tenemos que pensar. Como podemos confiar en Jesucristo mas para realmente tenerlo en nuestras vidas? Yo se que puedo hacer cualquier milagro porque tengo la autoridad de Dios y se que si ustedes tienen fe y confían en el que pueden hacer y lograr todo lo que quieran. Les amo mucho y hablamos el próximo semana.      
I would like for you guys to think as a family how much do we trust in our Lord Jesus Christ. The other day my companion and I were talking about why we can't perform miracles like our pioneers did and we came to the conclusion that it's because we don't have enough faith and we don't have enough trust in Jesus. This is something we should think about every day. How can we trust more in Jesus so we can really have him in our lives? I know I can perform any miracle because I have the authority of God and if you will trust and have faith in him you can do and achieve everything you want. I love you very much and till next week.
Elder Gomez

Monday, August 4, 2014

Small and simple things

Hello family,
I feel horrible because I don't have much time to write today but I wanted to write to tell you guys that I love you. I promise I will write more next week. I wanted to share a scripture that I have been pondering and studying, it's Alma 37:6-7
Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise.
 And the Lord God doth work by means to bring about his great and eternal purposes; and by very small means the Lord doth confound the wise and bringeth about the salvation of many souls.
Esta escritura habla de las cosas pequeñas y que tan poderosas son. Tambien dice que las cosas grandes vienen de las cosas pequeñas. He tratado de aplicar eso en mi vida esta semana y tengo grande testimonio que es verdad. Quiero que como familia pueden poner metas en las cosas pequeñas que van hacer esta semana para ser mejores y les prometo que las bendiciones van a llegar. Yo voy a hacerlo también entonces todos como familia lo podremos hacer. Les quiero mucho y porfavor diganme como les fue con esta tarea. 
This scripture talks about the small things and how powerful they are. it also states that great things come about from small and simple things. I have tried to apply this principle in my life this week and I have a great testimony that this is true. I would like for us as a family to set goals this week to do small things that will make us better and I promise you that the blessings will come. I will also do it with you that way we can do it altogether as a family. I love you very much and please tell me how you did with this task.
 Till next week with love,
Elder Gomez