Monday, May 26, 2014

Wonderful Investigators!

All of our investigators that came to church on Sunday! They are all amazing.

Familia Cabezas - I love this family!

I love Cali!

Amazing baptism, visions, goals and plans!

Bautismo de Consuelo
Hello family and friends,
It’s good to know you guys are doing well. It always makes me happy to hear from you and I’m glad you were able to pray together; keep that up the blessings will keep coming. Well this week was great I never thought I would ever say this but this past week I actually was really annoyed with salsa music ha-ha. On Saturday night our neighbors were playing music till like 3 in the morning did not sleep at all. I was very upset with salsa.  In the mission we have something that says cuĂ©ntamelo which shows like the best missionaries in the whole mission and I told my companion I wanted to see my name on there so we worked really hard this week and we had 21 investigators at church; it felt great we just have to keep up the hard work. 
I had my first baptism on Saturday and wow this baptism was awesome like awesome I loved it. On Friday we were getting her ready and we told her she had to choose who she wanted to baptize her and she stayed quiet for like 5 minutes with her head down and then looked up towards some trees and then started crying and then looked back up and then pointed at me and was like you, you are going to baptism me. I was like what in the world just happened! The next day of the baptism she told me that when she looked up at the trees she saw me standing there in white helping her and she knew at that moment that I was going to help her reach salvation. Whoa, I know ha-ha it felt awesome. On the day of the baptism I was practicing like crazy the words and when the baptism happened I messed it up I was so mad. The second time I did it right and right as she got up from the water she started crying and after she said it was like if I was not even there like if it was just her and God together. Super awesome I’m glad for my first baptism. I was actually able to baptize. And she’s like a woman of visions. She had a vision of Joseph Smith, she saw him putting his hands on someone and saw him when he was killed and this was before we showed her the restoration. We had not even talked about it so when we watched the video that’s when she freaked out and was like I need to get baptized this is too weird.
This week was our first conference with president Prince and it was awesome. He’s so great; we talked about visions, goals, plans and then executing them. We discussed how we need those steps to accomplish anything in life. It was awesome. 
This week I would like you guys to work on humility. It’s something I have been working on a lot and studying a lot. You can read Moroni 7-9 this week as a family. It talks about humility and charity and hope and you guys can talk about how you can apply those things in your life. When you’re done reading tell me how it went, what you think and what you guys changed. Next week I’ll give you my thoughts. I love you all so much, stay strong in the lord and remember through him everything is possible and it is because of him that we have everything. We have each other. Always give thanks and be humble unto him. I love you guys. 
Elder Gomez

Monday, May 19, 2014

First Baptism, weird foods and Cali P-Day pics

Hola Familia!
It's awesome to the see the pictures, I'm glad everyone is doing well. This week was a lot better than last week we worked hard and got a lot done which was good. We had an appointment with an investigator and she gave us this huge lunch but the worst part was that it was right after we had an appointment for lunch. Oh boy! that was hard we had to eat double lunch. I have no idea how we did it (ha ha).  We found this awesome family they are a lot of them living in this little tiny house but they're awesome and one of the girls dances with Casanova on his team so we talked about that and it was really cool. We invited them to come to church and they all came on Sunday. It made us really happy, they are a good family.
Today for P-Day we went and visited all of Cali we walked everywhere and visited everything it was awesome. I sent some pictures.
Cali on P-Day!
What else can I tell you, I don't know.  This week was normal same thing we always do. Ok, this weekend is my first baptism it was going to be last Saturday but it did not happen so it is this coming Saturday. I'm super excited, we have had so many spiritual moments with this investigator. She's awesome and so ready to be apart of this gospel. We hope that with this baptism everyone else will get baptized too! We want 10 baptisms in the next month and I know it can happen. We just need to keep working super hard. 
We met someone from Pasto and there they eat something that's called cui and its guinea pig ha ha! She's going to make me some so I can eat it. That's going to be intense! This week I also ate cow's butt ha ha but it was super yummy, I loved it.
Well family I love you a lot and I hope that you guys have a good week. If you are not praying as a family every night you need to start doing it. Family prayer is so important, it's a moment where the family can be all one with God and it will help with whatever problems you are having. Remember prayer is a commandment and so is family and if you don't do both together then the commandments are not complete. It's super important. I hope this week everynight you can get together and pray and let me know how it goes next week.
Love you guys,
Elder Gomez

Some pictures taken during our P-Day close to our area in Cali.
Holding Up my world in Cali!


Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's are so important!

It’s good to hear that everyone is doing well. That’s awesome that dad is going to speak at Gilda’s Cancer Support Center. I know he’s going to do great. Maybe, he can throw some gospel in there. Haha. I’m in missionary mode!!!! It’s awesome that our friend will serve his mission in Bogota, Colombia. All my friends from the CCM are serving in that mission. Which mission is it? Bogota south or north? So this week has been good. This Sunday I gave a talk at church last minute. The person conducting the meeting was like “and the last speaker is Elder Gomez”. I had no idea what I was going to talk about. He did not let me know beforehand. I talked about mothers and why they are so important. I spoke about the role women have and how important they are for us and in the eyes of God. That without them we are nothing. I shared a couple of scriptures and ended it. Everyone loved it. It was a good feeling but at the same time I learned a lesson. Never talk about girls or how amazing they are on a mission because the girls go crazy. Haha. You won’t believe what happened. So I’m talking and I don’t remember what part of the talk I was on. When all of a sudden, I hear “Oh papasito chusco.” Haha. Like super loud. I was like did that just happen? I could not believe it. I just kept talking. And all the old ladies in the ward love me. I always talk to them and help them. I think my companion gets annoyed because he wants to get to class. All the old ladies tell me their life stories and they are so cute. They are just lonely. I love them. This week was good. We are a little mad with ourselves because we did not accomplish what we wanted this past week. But this next week is a week to work hard. I have to go now. I’ll talk to you guys next week. I love you.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I feel like a Little Child...

Lunch with my dad's aunt Evila & cousin Dorita! 
Ajiaco!!! Yum. Reminds me of grandma's cooking.

This week went by so fast. I can’t even believe how fast it has gone by, like in a blink of an eye. It’s kinda scary. I hope these two years don’t pass by like that because I don’t ever want to leave. Haha. It’s crazy how happy I am here. It’s like the best of both worlds. One, I’m helping people, which is awesome; and two, I’m in flipping Cali, Colombia. Like every moment that passes I have this huge smile on my face because I think about how I’m in Cali. It’s crazy. It’s like i belong here. It’s what I have been missing all my life. I love it.
So i feel like a little child.