Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Flight to CCM

So far I’ve had the best time. There’s so much I want to tell you guys, but I just don’t have enough time. I will tell you the really cool things that have happened. At the airport I had my first miracle. I got a weird feeling that I should go to this spot and right when I did this old lady had fallen on the moving stair thingy and these people were trying to get her up but they could not. It was getting close to the top so I dropped my bags and the other elder I was with was like, “what are you doing?” Haha. I ran up the stairs and I was able to pick her up right before we got to the top and sit her down.  Everyone else was like how did you do that and I was like, I have no idea. Haha. The lady was so thankful. So that was super awesome.
On the flight to Colombia, there were 14 of us; 4 elders & 10 sisters. They are most definitely beautiful daughters of God. Haha. But oddly enough I got along better with the elders. They are super cool and we all get along so well. They’re awesome, I love them. But it’s sad because they’re transferring me because I’m only staying for two weeks. I’m gonna miss them. But I meet my companion later today. He’s from Peru so we will see how that goes. Haha. Everyone is so nice here and it’s so awesome to be here in the CCM. It’s the best feeling in the world and I can’t wait to get to work.

There’s this one elder that is super cool, like we are seriously like brothers. It’s so weird. But sadly, I’m leaving that group and going with the Latinos. Also my teacher told me I have a Colombian acento. Haha, yeah right. Must be the power of the Lord. J  Well I’m super excited. I can’t wait to get to Cali. I think I have said that like 100 times now, but seriously, I’m super excited. So we did not go to bed till 3 in the morning talking. We could not sleep because we were so excited. Everybody loves me because I speak Spanish. They’re like “Elder Gomez, Come here. Help me.” Haha. When they announced I was being transferred everybody booed. Haha. And the food is amazing with freshly squeezed fruit. Ahh. Amazing. The CCM is filled with sisters. There was like 10 sisters already here, on top of our ten sisters from our group. And in total of guys, there are 7 of us. Haha. But all the Latinos come today. Well I have to go now. I love you guys. Talk to you next week!!!!!!!!                                                   

Elder Gomez

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  1. Yes, you're handsome and a good human being. Makes me happy to feel your joy.
    I'll be following your blog. Let me know if you need anything. Like money to get food? Yikes! So unfair they starve you. Go to the local markets and get fresh fruit and fresh foods. Stay strong.
    I love you so much! Besos!