Monday, May 26, 2014

Amazing baptism, visions, goals and plans!

Bautismo de Consuelo
Hello family and friends,
It’s good to know you guys are doing well. It always makes me happy to hear from you and I’m glad you were able to pray together; keep that up the blessings will keep coming. Well this week was great I never thought I would ever say this but this past week I actually was really annoyed with salsa music ha-ha. On Saturday night our neighbors were playing music till like 3 in the morning did not sleep at all. I was very upset with salsa.  In the mission we have something that says cuéntamelo which shows like the best missionaries in the whole mission and I told my companion I wanted to see my name on there so we worked really hard this week and we had 21 investigators at church; it felt great we just have to keep up the hard work. 
I had my first baptism on Saturday and wow this baptism was awesome like awesome I loved it. On Friday we were getting her ready and we told her she had to choose who she wanted to baptize her and she stayed quiet for like 5 minutes with her head down and then looked up towards some trees and then started crying and then looked back up and then pointed at me and was like you, you are going to baptism me. I was like what in the world just happened! The next day of the baptism she told me that when she looked up at the trees she saw me standing there in white helping her and she knew at that moment that I was going to help her reach salvation. Whoa, I know ha-ha it felt awesome. On the day of the baptism I was practicing like crazy the words and when the baptism happened I messed it up I was so mad. The second time I did it right and right as she got up from the water she started crying and after she said it was like if I was not even there like if it was just her and God together. Super awesome I’m glad for my first baptism. I was actually able to baptize. And she’s like a woman of visions. She had a vision of Joseph Smith, she saw him putting his hands on someone and saw him when he was killed and this was before we showed her the restoration. We had not even talked about it so when we watched the video that’s when she freaked out and was like I need to get baptized this is too weird.
This week was our first conference with president Prince and it was awesome. He’s so great; we talked about visions, goals, plans and then executing them. We discussed how we need those steps to accomplish anything in life. It was awesome. 
This week I would like you guys to work on humility. It’s something I have been working on a lot and studying a lot. You can read Moroni 7-9 this week as a family. It talks about humility and charity and hope and you guys can talk about how you can apply those things in your life. When you’re done reading tell me how it went, what you think and what you guys changed. Next week I’ll give you my thoughts. I love you all so much, stay strong in the lord and remember through him everything is possible and it is because of him that we have everything. We have each other. Always give thanks and be humble unto him. I love you guys. 
Elder Gomez

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