Sunday, October 5, 2014

Amazing week!

Hola Familia!
Well my week was really good we had a lot of success during this week. We have like 7 people who have a baptismal date and my companion really wants to win Capitan Moroni so we are working hard to win it. That award is given when you have 10 baptisms in 3 months and I want to win my second one, so here we go ha-ha. We had a very special moment with a less  active  that we are teaching to come back to church. She was going through some problems and was really sad. She started crying and telling us all her problems and then we gave her a blessing so that she could feel bettter and afterwards she was so happy with us. She told us how grateful she was for us and she needed us in that moment. It was so special because we felt that we helped this person get through her problems and our work not only is to find people to baptize but to help everyone, members, less actives and the world ha-ha. That was super awesome for us. We also found this family were the wife had a real bad accident and is just now being able to walk after 4 months. She was really sad and she felt the same way. She said we came in to her life at the perfect timing because she is sad and lonely and we make her feel better. It's awesome to think how the Lord puts people in our path when they most need the gospel it's awesome. 

Family this week is conference :) I'm super excited and I hope you guys are too. This is something you guys should be thinking about all week and planing for. You need to have a prayer in your hearts all week to receive personal revelation. I know the Lord will answer through the prophets. I know it but only if you guys have that prayer in your hearts. Those questions that you need answered to be more christ like ahhh how exciting!!!!!! I hope you enjoy the word of God through the prophets and I hope you guys can learn a lot through that :) I love you, talk to you guys next week :) 
Elder Gomez


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