Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Funny stories, super spiritual baptism and eternal Families!

Thanks for the sweater I love it and I love you! Best mom in the world :)
I hand knitted this vest for elder Gomez before he went on his mission.

 Querida Familia,

To answer some of your questions, I am serving in Bachue, Pasto and my district consists of Sister Manllea from Bolivia, Sister Panduro (funny name I know ha-ha) from Peru, Sister Jachcollo from Bolivia, Sister Maldonado from Honduras, Elder Pancheti from USA  y elder Longogrio de Mexico and last but not least my companion from Peru, elder Ruiz. I have the same schedule only that during the night I have to call all the missionaries to see how they're doing and see how I can help them. The only part I don't like about it is that before I would write in my journal but now from 9:30 to 10:30 I'm on the phone talking to my district but it is alright. Pasto has a volcano, in one of the pictures I sent last week the volcano was behind me. It was a selfie I took ha-ha. 
Some funny things about the people of Pasto, they like to play volleyball and they play everyday at a park near where we live. The funny thing is that it is the worst volleyball I have ever seen in my life. I seriously started cracking up I could not help it. What they do is to set the ball they grab it for a good 5 seconds place it in there hands and look at it then throw it in the air again to set it. It's so funny and ugly I was cracking up. What else, a dog almost bit my companion. He's scared of everything. I was walking really fast because we were late for an appointment and I took a corner and there was a big mean dog ready to eat our heads off! I stayed calm and just stopped and was going to let the dog calm down because we scared him, but my companion freaked out and screamed like a girl. He then took of running and the dog behind chasing him for like a football field. Everyone was staring at him and laughing I felt bad but it was really funny. The other thing that happened was that we were walking and it was night time and we were in the area of the sisters helping them out with something. We were heading back home and my companion saw 3 men and freaked out because it was just us and the three men in the street. He took of running where we came from thinking they were going to rob us, come on. I was so embarrassed I apologized to the men and took of running after him because he left me alone. He was freaked out saying, "No I won't walk home it's too peligroso (dangerous)". The funny part is we were in the area of the sisters which is the safest area and we are in Pasto were it's nothing compared to Cali so I had to force him to walk home. He's like an innocent baby but it's funny ha-ha.
Something awesome happened this week. When we first got here there was a family who has been trying to get married for like  a year now with a whole bunch of missionaries but have not been able to because of some thing with their papers. This week everything went through but the wedding day was set for this Thursday but the son wanted to baptize him. The son is going to serve a mission and is leaving today (Monday) and they could not get baptized because they were not married before he left. They were all sad, but I worked my magic (ha-ha) I talked with the president to see if we could do something. I asked if the dad could get baptized last Saturday before his son left so he could baptize him. The dad would have to live somewhere else until they got married and he approved that recommendation. They were so thankful for what we did but the best part was the baptism.
Son baptized his father and then left on Monday to serve a mission. Miracles still happen!

It was super spiritual everyone was crying the dad, the mom, the son, and the sisters. It was so awesome to see how a family was being united. I was sitting there watching and just imagining them in the temple being eternal and I could not stop crying.

Amazing family with eternal potential!

Then I thought in us and how blessed we are to be together to be sealed in the temple. Wow! It was amazing and the testimonies that the family gave were so powerful. I loved it! It was the best baptism I have ever been to.  Family, please work to be worthy to always go to the temple so we can be united as a family in God. I love you guys have a good week. I like the pictures please keep sending them.

Till next week.
Elder Gomez
Elder Gomez tried cuy, for the first time! 
He said it was super yummy!

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