Friday, September 5, 2014

Pasto my new area, new responsibilities, and a new son!

This is my new Area-Pasto. It is cold and it even has a volcano.
Hola Familia,

My week has been super crazy and kind of hard because I am opening an area here in Pasto. I don't know anyone and I don't know anything. The first morning I walked out my door and I thought now what? ha-ha It's very cold here and I don't like it. Cali had super nice weather, I would wake up and workout and feel good. Here, I wake up scared to get out of bed because of the cold haha and showering is the worst. The water comes out like droplets on your head so I'm there like a Chihuahua chupando frió (freezing) I hate it. The first  few days here in Pasto where not my favorite to put it mildly because the people are way cold. I would say hi and they would just tuck their head and keep walking. In Cali everyone says hi and they were very nice, I liked that a lot. That was hard at first but then I went to church on Sunday and felt a lot better because I got to get to know more people and the bishop is really good. Consejo de Barrio (Ward Counsel) was awesome. This ward actually works, it's nice to see that, which that was not the case in Cali. So that's a little about Pasto. We met a man who is way crazy. He's just like me has Colombian parents but grew up in USA and he moved to Colombia 7 years ago to get his roots. The man is like one of those people who studies the things of the world and has a lot of knowledge. So he has his own idea of God and stuff and I think he scared my son (companion) ha-ha. I felt bad. 
My new trainee, Elder Ruiz. I love him!

You ask what does a district leader do? Being a district leader I have to call 8 missionaries every night and see how their day went and give them advice in how they can work better and how they can have more éxito (success). I have to take down all their data and study it to see how our district can be better. On Tuesdays I prepare a message and teach them something. I also  help them with whatever they need. I am the one that does the interviews for the baptisms for all 8 missionaries to make sure they are prepared enough to be baptized. I give the approval yes or no and that's practically it.

Mom, I'm sorry to hear you were sick this past week I will be praying for you. This was my first week in Pasto. It has been really good. I love you very very much and the family and I hope you feel better soon. Read the scriptures everyday and I promise the blessings will come. I love you.

Elder Gomez
PS. And the people in Pasto talk super funny ha-ha!
I love you guys!

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