Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Birthday Cakes & Speaking in tongues!

Hello Family,

I’m so happy for Karolena. She’s going to be a great 5 grader! Well this week was good. As you know, it was my birthday on June 3rd. We got nothing done because everyone wanted to celebrate my birthday. Haha. We went to 4 different houses that day. Every house had cake and food and were ready to party.  I ate so much! Imagine how much cake that is! Haha. I was so shocked. I could not believe everything these people did for me. It was the best birthday ever.
I was super sick this week with diarrhea. I lost like 10 pounds. I’m better now and I know I’ll gain it right away with all that we eat here. This next week is going to be great. We have 5 baptisms, 3 tomorrow and 2 more on Saturday. We are super excited. And there’s a whole bunch more to come.
What else… oh yeah, we were walking past a church and they were all screaming in tongues like crazy people. I was like what’s going on? They were waving their arms and talking like babies. There’s a whole bunch of churches that do weird things. Every day that passes with every church I see, it’s more evidence to me that this church is true.

Dad, you have a calling with the ward missionaries right? Take advantage of that! The members here go out with us every day all day and they love it. Call up the missionaries and see how you can help them. We always need lessons with members and it is awesome for members to be able to help bring people unto Christ. It’s the best thing we can do.

Well family, I love you a lot. I’m glad everyone is doing well and I’ll talk to you next week. 

 BTW, we had the best results in the mission this week too. Haha. BYE

Elder Gomez 

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