Monday, June 30, 2014

Sweet and Sour week!

Hola Familia!
I'm so happy to hear from you. Everything sounds great over there. I'm really happy that you guys are doing activities and spending that time together. Well this week was like really weird it was bad but at the same time cool. I will start by explaining that when elder Rojas left he left some drama and all the people that we had ready for baptism decided to stop the lessons.Only 1 investigator got baptized. That was really hard on me and also some of my investigators aren't coming back. That was really hard because I came to love all of them so much and for them to just reject me like that was really hard for me. I know this gospel is true and they know it too and to just drop it hurts. 
Later in the week my new companion arrived from Honduras but was serving his mission in Peru because his visa was not ready. Now he is finishing his mission here in Colombia. It was weird because we have different forms of working. He wanted to knock on doors but we don't do that here and a whole bunch of other things that are not a part of my mission.That night I received a call from the zone leaders and they told me that we were going to split with another companionship so the next morning we went to pick my new companion up and make the change. So this week I have had like 3 companions but the new one that came is from Bogota. He's really cool and has been here one transfer more than me. His name is elder Munoz, we work really well together, like we understand each other and our lessons are really powerful. It's awesome! 
Saturday for the Colombia soccer game everything was crazy we had to work that day but it was impossible. Everywhere we would walk they would chase us with flour and water and I got soaked. We were running like crazy not to get hit but it was awesome to run around trying not to get wet or floured on ha-ha. The last part of the week was cool because of the new companions they actually work ha-ha. One of my investigators plays bongos and guira and cow bell and we made a little band and it was so much fun I felt alive and we were jammimg for like 3 hours on our p- day ha-ha. I have been having problems in my neighborhood everyone says that I look like James from the Colombian soccer team which I don't think so. Everywhere I go they call me James now ha-ha. It's both crazy and funny and yeah that was my week like sweet and sour. I even cried because I was so sad with all that was happening with my people but now I'm good and ready to work. 
I love you and have a good week. 
With love,
elder Gomez

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