Monday, June 23, 2014

Hello family,
My companion Elder Rojas left last night to return back to his home Peru as he completed his 2 year service. I now have a new companion from Chile and for our P-day (preparation day) we have been cleaning and getting everything ready to work. My new companion and I had a great conversation about the importance of following all the mission rules even the most insignificant ones. As missionaries this is very important because it is what we are suppose to do and it's the only way we can be successful. I am a real stickler about this because it has worked for me and I want to continue working hard and I want to achieve all the high goals elder Rojas and I had set for each other. I will be with my new companion for about 20 days. He seems pretty cool, we will see how he teaches and if we work well together. He's about to finish his mission as well. Every ward or branch has two sets of missionaries one set work in one area and the other in another area so now for these 20 days we will be working in the two areas. We will be walking like crazy ha-ha. My area is great, everyone we teach are all neighbors. We are popular in the neighborhood ha-ha. Everyone knows us and we teach everyone. It's awesome we never walk a lot because we just go to the next house to teach but now it will be different. 

This week we had 8 baptisms which was awesome and more to come. It feels really good and I love all of the people I teach so much, they are all so awesome. I never want to leave this area ha-ha. You asked if I still wear my glasses. Well, I only use them to read like when we are teaching and studying  because its just to dang hot here to be going around with glasses ha-ha.

I'm very thankful for all that my companion did because he was a hard worker and I learned a lot from him and now because of him I have very high goals that I have to complete and I won't settle for less. So I'm very grateful for that because now I know how to be a good missionary and what to expect. Elder Rojas taught me well, now I feel like I'm actually starting the mission. I like to work, so I'm super excited for these weeks to come. 

 This week we went on divisions with the zone leaders and I committed 5 people to baptism so it was cool to practice what you have learned and to put it to work. 
I love you guys a lot and I'm glad that you are riding bikes everynight that makes me really happy. I wish I could do it with you.That's what I miss most is my bike and my mountians ha-ha. My dad better be putting that mountian bike to use in my honor since I can't do it. You guys should start saving money so that when I get back we can all go to Colombia, go to the temple as a family and you guys can meet all my converts. That would be like a dream come true. So start saving you have two years ha-ha. 
I love you guys. Talk to you next week and don't forgrt to read together everynight and to say your prayers.

With Love,
Elder Carlos Gomez

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