Monday, July 21, 2014

Crazy, adventurous week! amazing spiritual baptism!

Hi Family.
It's so great to hear from you and to hear about your wonderful vacation. LOOKS like you guys had a good time. Well this week was crazy and  full of adventure with my companion. Tuesday we had two baptisms and the mission president asked us if he could bring all the new missionaries that just came so that was sure cool but at the same time stressful because we were the example for the 20 new missionaries that came. Everything had to be perfect and we worked really hard to make it perfect but one thing fell. We asked our zone leaders if we could borrow a dress for one of the girls and they said of course we will bring it to the baptism and when we arrived we asked them and they had forgotten ugh! so we had to wait for them to run home to get the dress and we ended up starting 45 minutes late! Needless to say  the president was not happy but afterwards it was super spiritual. One of our investigators felt the spirit so strong that she also decided to get baptized, and she did it on Saturday. So in total we had 3 baptisms this week. That's so amazing.
We have some investigators that are paisas and they have a little problem with their house ha-ha when we are teaching they are always running around in the kitchen and it's so hard to focus. The mice also like to always be on the dinner table so one night they served us food and they said. "lets eat at the table", and I was like no it's okay better on my lap so we can keep teaching. I was not about to eat on the table with mice no sir ha-ha. My companion was cracking up, it was toooo funny. Another funny thing that happened was that my companion was the one that baptized and when he was changing he slipped and fell on his butt and got all wet and we were laughing for like half an hour and could not stop while everyone was waiting on us. Sorry, I can't write more we got here late and I don't have anymore time because we have to get back to work teaching the people about the truth. Love you guys.
elder Gomez     

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