Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Companionship - Same Area

Hola querida familia y amigos,

This week we did divisions and several of the missionaries that were serving in Peru had to switch missions so I was with one of those missionnaies and it just so happens that he was in the same mission as Cesar and was his compaion ha-ha. It was awesome we talked about him and laughed and everything. His name is elder Melendez he told me a lot of fun stories about Cesar and it was great. I learned a lot from him also he has a lot of knowledge. My current companion is awesome we are always laughing and everyone here loves us and he's new too so we both are like super excited to work and have 2 baptisms this week and not only that but all the new missionaries that are coming tomorrow are going to be at our baptisms with the mission president. The President asked us if we could do it and we said heck yes and we did it 2 baptisms. It's going to be awesome and super spiritual. I'm super excited. My new companion's name is elder Munera and we are going to be together one cambio mas entonces 6 semanas (weeks). We are super excited, honestly I have never laughed so much in my life but at the same time work like crazy I love the combination.
Today for P-Day we went to visit Dora because no one else from the family answers their phone so we went over there and also visited Manuel and his family and it was awesome. After that we went shopping for ties at the mall and we contacted like 5 people because my companion is very friendly ha-ha, he starts talking and making them laugh. Then I come in and and talk about the gospel once they have opened up its like a 1, 2 combo ha-ha. I felt super bad because we started talking with a paisa and she said she could not understand anything I was saying like I don't speak Spanish well. I think she was messing with me. I'm really happy being a missionary, I like that I can make a difference and it makes me want to work harder.
I have an investigator right now her name is Leydi I baptized all her family and shes the only one left, but she's like a hard Testigo de Jehova. She won't accept that Jehova is Christ even after I show her a million scriptures that clearly say that he's Christ and she won't accept that it was Gods plan for Adam and Eve to fall in sin, and lots of other little things. But she's in a mind cluster because she has felt the spirit so much but just can't accept those things so little by little we are helping her and I think she will be baptized soon. 
The mission president prohibited insanity and I was getting buff doing that everyday and now we can't do it. I'm super sad as I know now that I'm going to get fat ha-ha. You asked about my zone and my zone is great. My companion and I are the best companionship in the zone. Everyone is trying to reach us but it makes us work even harder so that no one ctaches up to us haha. Well I'm so sorry that I can't wirte more I arrived a little late to wirte today so have to go. I love you guys.

elder Gomez

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