Monday, July 28, 2014

Testimony, investigators and practical joke

Hola familia!

President Priccoli and wife & President Prince and wife
We had interviews with our new president this week and it went alright. President Priccoli is very different than president Prince. President Prince was like always very animated and this new president is like really serious and talks slow but he's cool and I know I will learn a lot from him. When we talked I thought it was going to be more in depth but he asked me about myself and asked if I needed help with anything and that was it ha-ha. I admit I was a bit disappointed. :( but it's okay I'm sure we will have more time at a later time. This week has been hard we are teaching a couple but the guy is not wanting to progress but she is very interested in the church. The problem is that he doesn't want to commit to her either and that is very sad. We have tried everything and he won't change. I'm not sure if we can continue to teach her but hope we can. There's another family that we are teaching as well. They are so awesome they love us and we love them. They are all progressing really well and I'm sure they will be baptized but first they need to come 3 times to church and they can only come every other week because one has to stay to take care of the father and by that time I think I will be gone so I might not be here to baptize them but its okay. I love them and they're super awesome. 

My testimony has been growing strong here on the mission. When you teach the people everyday about this truth you can't help but ponder about it deeply in your heart. This pondering helps me strive to be better everyday. The spirit testifies every day about the truthfulness of the gospel. 

This week my companion did something really crazy ha-ha. I was showering and he found some rotten eggs in the house and he opened the door and threw them at me. They were so rotten that they were black inside and it smelled so bad. I ran out of the bathroom screaming like crazy running all over the house ha-ha. The worst part is that it smelled so bad I wanted to throw up. The whole house smelled pretty bad. I have never smelled anything like that in my life. We had to clean it up and it took like 3 hours to take that smell out of the house. Those were the highlights of my week. 

I love you guys talk to you next week.
Elder Gomez


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