Saturday, July 12, 2014

New Mission President and new companion

Hello Family and Friends,
I hope you are all doing well. This week was a good one. I have a new companion and had two more baptisms. My companion is good, he reminds me of a young kid because he acts like a child all the time. It's funny because he's always joking around and messing with everyone and I'm the serious one ha-ha. The funny thing is that he was not supposed to be my companion but because he had problems with his other companion I had to switch. He arrived during the last week of my training so he goes around telling everyone that he's training me even though I'm the one taking care of him. I am always telling him what he needs to do ha-ha. He's only been here 6 weeks more than me. I'm learning to be humble and to have patience with him. Before my new companion arrived we had 2 baptisms scheduled that day and had dates for 2 more this past Saturday. That made elder Munoz really happy that he was able to participate on 4 baptisms since he got here. He is cool and childish. I have to remind him he's a missionary all the time but we get alone really well and are always laughing. 
Nothing too exciting happened this week just the changes of companions and next Monday I might change companion again ha-ha. I have had like 5 compaions in 3 months already crazy haha but I love it here.

We now have a new mission president he is from Paraguay. His name is President Priccoli, him and his wife are pretty cool and they look cute together. We got to hear him speak  and he's really good. He inspired me when he talked to us. I like that a lot because I leave ready to conquer the world ha-ha. I am sure there will be changes but they have not been put in place yet. I still have not noticed the difference. I imagine that in these weeks to come we will see the changes and how that goes.

I called Elizabeth but the number would not go through, I'm going to try and go next week to see her. Porfavor manda saludos a mis abuelos y dile que los amo mucho. You asked about my investigators right now I have like 3 that are getting ready for baptism we will need to stop teaching the others because they don't want to progress. Esta semana vamos a dedicar a encontrar nuevos investigadores porque ya hemos bautizados a todos los que tenia ha-ha ya llevo como 16 bautismos es muy chevere.  

Nothing exciting happened this week just worked like always but the day Colombia played against Brazil everyone was crying and the streets were dead it was actually kinda sad.
It's so awesome that you guys are biking. Riding makes me so happy, a little jeaouls but happy ha-ha. I'm sorry to hear about your fall but its part of the sport to fall and cut yourself. It's all worth it now you have stories to tell at work ha-ha. Please send my regards to Tatas and Chris that was nice that they came to visit.

Always say your prayers and read together like a family. Show Karo how she should live her life in the gospel because if she learns those principles from now they will always stay with her.
I love you guys until next week.

Elder Gomez

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