Monday, November 3, 2014

APs, nature and great investigator!

Well mom your wish became a reality I finally met with the assistants to the president elder Walker and Lyle. I talked with them this week and told them that you follow their blogs ha-ha and they were like no way let's take a picture and do a shout out this week to your mom. So in their blogs there should be a pic of me and a shout out to you ha-ha. They are way awesome, we laughed a whole bunch and they are really good missionaries, I learned a lot from them in the training. It was great :).

Elder Walker (AP) with Elder Gomez

Thanks for the Halloween pictures they are awesome and how scary you and Karo look. This p-day we went hiking again, you know much I love wildlife ha-ha. It was way fun and really beautiful it just feels good to be in the nature and that's why I like Pasto so much because there's a lot of wildlife and a whole bunch of mountain biking. I always see the people in their bikes heading to trails and it makes me way sad ha-ha because I miss it but I love being a missionary.
This week we found a new investigator that's way good, his name is Jhon. He's reading the book of Mormon and went to church on Sunday. We were way excited about that because last week was not good but this week we found that person that was ready for us so we are way excited about that. :).

Well, I love you guys so much and I want pictures of Dad and Steph too please. Wow, fall is awesome and how pretty it is where we live. Sometimes we don't realize it until we are away, we should all be grateful. I love you guys, talk to you next week.

Hard working end of day!

The start of our hike

Beautiful Pasto

Me being a monkey ha-ha

Me and my companion!

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