Friday, November 14, 2014

Helping people come unto Christ.

View from my apartment. There's always a rainbow here in Pasto

Mom it's good that you know what our purpose here is and the whole point of being here on this earth is to live with a hope of something and that hope for you and for me is that our family can be together always and it is why we live and strive everyday to be faithful in this gospel. So keep your head up and work everyday to be the best you can be and to actually live the gospel. :)

You asked me how we are able to find people and bring them into the gospel. Well, the best way to find souls is through the members. When the members provide us with a contact those are the people that stay active. Another great way is by being an example in everything we do. You have no idea how many people we have found from people just noticing that we are different. They say things like, "you guys are different from other young men in this world or from other churches", the people are able to see a difference in us. We have to actually live the gospel not just go through the motions. When we do that we, as children of God, are happier people and we help the lost sheep come unto Christ through our example. People are able to see the difference when we are full of the light of Christ. I would never be able to have a convert that actually stays in the church and makes it to the temple if I don't live the gospel. Not only do we receive blessings but others will also. There's no greater joy than helping others. Something else that has helped us a lot is that in every moment with every person we talk about the gospel. I go to the store to buy something and I'm talking with the cashier about the gospel, in the bus I'm talking with the person next to me. Every chance I get to talk I do it. Sometimes I just bare my testimony and one day that person will say I want what that young kid shared with me and find the missionaries. Something I have learned is that we have to plant the seed, talk with everyone and who knows 20 years from now those people will remember that and get baptized.

Our investigators are good. Sometimes I get frustrated because we have a family  that we have been teaching for quite some time and they have been ready for baptism but they haven't been able to get baptized because of little trivial things ugh! Another man that we found tracking is such a gem, we gave him a BOM and he started crying and said that he knew the book was of God and that he was very happy  and he wants to be baptized.  It was very spiritual but like always there's a little "but" , he's leaving Pasto this week to go to work somewhere else and won't be back here. That really hurt    :( and we have another two people too that are ready to be baptized Natalia & Lorena and they also know that this is true but the mom can not go to church because she works and in order to be able to be to baptized they need to go to church. They're really sad because they can't get baptized and we are sad too because we want to baptize them :(. We also have another girl who was a part of a church here where the pastor would convince the girls to engage in illicit activities with him or they would not go to heaven so now she does not have any trust in churches. We are working a lot with her and its coming along. She's receiving responses to her prayers regarding the truthfulness of the gospel so that's awesome. We have another family  and they are good they have had their response that this is true and have seen the change in their family but still won't convert. They are a little stubborn and get too influenced by their family. That makes me sad but gives me the desire to keep working with them. I know the Lord will continue to help us to find the spirits that are ready and those are our main investigators.
Talk to you next week.
Elder Gomez
It's float (carroza) time in Pasto and people are starting to get ready we saw this one in front of a house.


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