Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New Companion!

Well I'm alot better now after being sick last week and I'm back at working hard like always. Mom, I have not heard about that new virus that's going around here but yeah the mosquitos are a pain. In Pasto there was nothing because it's cold so i would never get bitten now in Tulua because its hot they're every where and they're eating me alive haha but its all good just gonna have to get used to it again. 

 Last week in Pasto was sad I really did not want to leave para nada and the people were really sad too I think more sad then when I left from Cali.  My new area is dead, there's nothing here as in investigators. We have nothing, it's like starting from new which is bad because that means we won't have any baptisms soon. We got to find them but it's cool at the same time because its cool to know that I found the people and then they get baptized even if I don't get to see it. It also means I have to work harder to find new people haha but whatever I'm excited to work.

In the zone there are 18 missonaries and I'm not gonna lie it's very different being a zone leader I'm still trying to get the swing of things. My companion is elder Joglar from Argentina, he finishes his mission in 3 weeks and I'm kind of scared because I don't know the area para nada and he leaves so soon. I'm going to have to learn everything fast like how to be a leader and get to know the area because in a couple of weeks I'm on my own. Elder Joglar is way cool, actually he was one of my first zone leaders when I got to the mission so its cool to be with him now like zone leader. 

We had a special training on Monday it was awesome, the church is doing a lot this Christmas to promote the true meaning of it. There's a video called "He is the gift" that the church made to share with all the world and we have to contact por lo menos (at least) 10 personas cada dia (people every day) and show them this video and it's world wide all the missionaries are gonna do it. All the members also osea ustedes tambien (meaning you guys as well) and its starts the 28 of November so I'm way excited to do that and to work and everything. 

 Well I love you guys a lot keep up the hard work, favorite scripture of the week is Mateo 10: 28 es tenas. I love it!

 I love you guys so much and we will talk next week :)
Elder Gomez
This is my new companion elder Joglar from Argentina. He's training me as a zone leader.

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