Monday, January 19, 2015


I wanted to share  a scripture with you guys it's found in Mosiah 27:14. Alma the son goes against the church and they want to destroy it. His dad prayed so much for him that an angel went and stopped him and told him hey because of the prayers of your father I'm here to convert you so to say it like that ha-ha. I really like this scripture because it teaches us how powerful a prayer can be. We can actually pray for people and the lord will help them. If we know someone in need well lets pray for them but with real intent and the lord will help them. I just want to express that I know that prayer is real and the most important thing we can do. I know that he does listen and answer and I hope you guys every night are going down on your knees and praying as a family. Please pray on your knees as a family and see the miracles that the lord can do in our lives. I know it to be true and I want all those blessings for our family. I like Alma pray every night that you guys can be okay and read and pray always and I know the lord will answer my prayers. If you do this I promise you will receive the blessings and we will all be more united. I love you guys every single one of you and I hope we as a family can all strive to become better and closer to the lord. Every night I'm on my knees and I want to be able to feel that you guys are doing it as well as a family. I can feel it when you guys do it and it would be the greatest blessing you guys can give me. Like I said, I love you guys and keep moving forward.
Elder Gomez

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