Monday, January 5, 2015

Seeing people coming to Christ and changing makes the whole mission worth it!

Hi Mom,
I hope you start feeling better soon I'll be praying for you. It's so awesome that you and dad are teaching Karo's class ha-ha, im sure you guys will really enjoy it!!! :). It's so crazy that Suzana Zubeldia already finished her mission. The time flies by so fast I can't even believe I have been out for 9 months before I know it I'm going to be finishing the mission too that scares me ha-ha.

My favorite companion is now in my district, elder Munar the one from bogota and today we got to pass p day together it was super fun just like old times.

 I will call the office tonight to see if the package arrived. It's weird because this week they sent all the presents to the zone and I was expecting my present but she must have sent it after but I go to Cali the 15 of this month so I'll pick it up then. Thanks again. 

 This week was good but it was another week were the work was hard because of all the parties going on. I have a funny story, on the 31 we got home and went to sleep but at midnight everyone and their dog lit fireworks but it sounded like bombs. I heard it and woke up and almost peed my pants ha-ha because I thought it was like bombs or something until I got into my senses ha-ha that was pretty funny. 

We also have an investigator his name is Javier and he's really cool. He's passing through a lot of problems and is trying to find of God. We have been helping him a lot and its been really good. He has changed so much. I love seeing that change it's what makes the whole mission worth it when just one person changes for the better through Christ. I have learned so much from him because my studies have been focused on him and how I can help him. I found a scripture that I love a lot. Now and anytime you guys are going through problems you guys can read it D&C 58: 3-4. Please read it as it has helped me a lot and will help me a lot when I'm down. That's been our week today, we went to a hike with all the zone. There's like 20 missionaries and it was way fun. I got to catch up with elder Munar. I will send the pictures please say hi to everyone for me and I love you guys. . 

 Elder Gomez

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