Monday, December 1, 2014

Hard work pays off, and surprise visit from President Pricoli!

Hola querida familia y amigos,
Well Tulua is cool it's really hot holy cow, but I actually like it. In Pasto all my skin was peeling and I would get some wick pimples ha-ha but since I have been here all the acne I had is now gone my face is like a babies butt ha-ha and now I don't peel so I like it! 

 I'm getting to know the area more now thank goodness  and yeah my comp leaves in 2 weeks. It's so funny when we talk to the people they always say, "hey you seem like you are from Argentina to me and then to my comp they say and you're gringo ha-ha. It happens at least twice everyday and we are like actually it's the other way around and nobody believes that I'm gringo. They're like no you're not don't lie and I have to speak English so they can believe me ha-ha but that's always really funny. My comp is really cool.
This week president Pricoli (our mission president) paid us a surprise visit he wanted to do visits with us. How scary I know ha-ha.  He called and said, I'm in Tulua and I want to do visits with you and we met up and started visiting ha-ha. It was awesome and while we were with him I contacted two ladies that were on the street and we set a visit with them and told them to invite all their friends. Then the night ended and the president said that he will leave Tulua happy because we are doing everything we are supposed to do and we are doing it good. So that made us feel really good :) but back to the ladies we contacted the following day we went to the noche de hogar (FHE) and she invited all of Tulua I think ha-ha. There was a TV set up in the garage and there were chairs starting from the garage all the way to the other side of the house. The whole street was filled with chairs and people it was crazy. I felt like a preacher ha-ha. We took all their information and we are going to visit them all this week! It was awesome from one person I contacted we found like 20 to visit and teach. It's awesome how the mission work works.

We have also been teaching this old lady she's so cute and her husband was just baptized and he's so cute as well. He tells her baby I want you to get baptized so we can get sealed in the temple. It's awesome but she's hard, she can't leave her traditions but we have been working hard with her and she's going to get baptized this Saturday and I honestly love her. She wants me to baptize her but we are trying to get her to change her mind so that her husband can baptize her because that would be so cute. So yeah those were the high lights for this week. I love you guys, juiciosos familia ,
Elder Gomez
President Pricoli & wife with new missionaries and their trainers. Alex is right above President Pricoli.


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