Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The week of first's ... great experiences.

This week was pretty awesome too! I had my first consejo for the leaders (leadership council) and it was cool I learned a lot. I also had my first zone meeting as zone leader got to teach all the missionaries and it was a lot of fun. I also had a baptism which will probably be the most interesting baptism I'll have my whole mission ha-ha and got to do house inspections which was way fun.

Tulua Zone
I will first start with the baptism of Cecilia, the sweet older lady which I told you about last week. Well, she decided that she did not want her husband to baptize her so she chose me. When we got to the baptism she says she can't go in the cold water because she has heart problems and her heart could stop. Over here it's so hot there's no heater in the water and the water is honestly freezing. We were heating up pots of water in the kitchen  but that would do nothing to the cool water ha-ha. So we get to the font and she's like, "no way that water is freezing I won't get baptized", and everyone was like you can do it! you can do it! and she was like no ha-ha. So I took her hand and little by little we started going down and we got to the middle like an hour later ha-ha and I said the prayer and then I tried to immerse her but she did not let me and was screaming saying forget it I'm not going to get baptized its to cold ha-ha. I tried to calm her and said lets go little by little, so I got her down to her knees. The only part that was left was her head and then my companion said, "do you want me to go in the water with you too? Would you feel more comfortable and she was like yes get down here ha-ha. So my compaion in his sunday clothes with socks and shirt and tie came into the font and I said the prayer again and between the two of us we baptized her. It was awesome!

Cecilia's baptism she's the sweetest lady!

Cecilia, her husband and elder Joglar and Gomez

 Later in the week we had a really spiritual moment with an investigator named Emma whom when I got here my companion said that she was not progressing so we were going to let her go. We were not going to teach her anymore and because I'm new to the area I wanted to visit her one more time. This week we had the first lesson with her and after the lesson I told her, "we are going to get on our knees and you are going to ask God if you need to get baptized and she said fine. Before every time she was asked she was saying no, no I'll never get baptized ha-ha. So when we prayed she did it, she asked God and after the prayer we had a moment of silence and she lifted her head up and said, "now I know I'm going to get baptized, God told me." My companion looked at me and was like wow what just happened and I was like I don't know but it was awesome ha-ha. We now have another baptism this Saturday. That was a pretty amazing experience.

 Colombia is popping in this time of year. It's awesome all the lights and candles and everything. I thought it was only the States that do lights but i think Colombia wins ha-ha. 

Street in Colombia all lit up for candle light day.
Tulua lighted up for Christmas. Lights are everywhere!
Yeah that was my week :) and it seems like everything is going well over there thanks for those notes you wrote down it was way cool and enjoy this Christmas with the family. I love you guys.

Familia Castaño, we eat at their house every day. They're a really cool family.

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  1. That WAS a very interesting baptism. Fun read. I love all the pictures. I don't get many from our missionary ( :) It was fun to look over the blog. I will have to do it more often!