Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Magic, contacting and other cool experiences

Well this week was alright nothing really exciting happened ha-ha. I have my new companion who is cool just that he's really young, he's 18. It feels like I'm training again. He's also new in the mission so yeah not going to lie I miss my old companion elder Joglar because I learned a lot from him. He had a lot of practice being a missionary and it was more chill for me because he would lead the area since I did not know anything. Now it's the other way around and I have to lead the area and I wanted to be chill but it is all good this is what the Lord wants for me.

My new companion elder Garcia and an invesrigator
Cool things that have happened: I'm learning magic and I have gotten way good. I have a whole bunch of fans its funny because everywhere I walk the people point at me and say, "mira el mago haga magia haha" (look it's the magician please do some magic). It's awesome it makes me feel important. Sometimes I will be walking and someone will come up and say hey everyone has been talking about you will you do magic? I have contacted a bunch of people through that its cool. I am learning from an investigator that we have. He will get baptized this Saturday. He's way good doing magic tricks and I'm getting way good as well. Who knew I would leave a dancer and come back a magician ha-ha.

Another cool thing that we did with elder Joglar is we went to a Catholic church because they told us some stories about the church and we wanted to see so we went and everyone was looking at us like what there's mormons here?  It was so funny and other people would take pictures of us but it was awesome I have never felt so awkward in my life haha but at the same time it felt good. Those are my stories this week love you guys can't wait to talk on Christmas .

At the beautiful Catholic Church
On P-Day with investigators eating salpicon

Elder Carlos Gomez

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