Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New Year to All!

This week was slow because of Christmas but we had a baptism so that makes up for the slow week. This coming week we are going to kill it!!!! Transfers were today and you won't believe it elder Munar my best bud comes to my zone haha. That's going to be awesome I'm excited!!!! My comp is cool we are still getting to know each other.  Something really cool happened this week, you guys know that I'm kind of good at giving talks right? This Sunday I gave a talk but was not able to prepare it really well it's kind of hard on the mission you just learn how to wing it. I gave the talk and so did my companion and everyone loved my companion's talk and no one would say anything about mine. I got kind of sad but after I started thinking about how stuck up I am and realized in that moment that I have a huge problem. I like to be the best at everything and it was like reality hit and I thought I can't be the best at everything that's a part of life. Now I'm focusing a lot on not trying to out do other missionaries or be better but to just do my thing not comparing myself with others. That was my humbling experience. I'm going to try working on being better. The mission is so awesome because you learn things about your self that before the mission one does not learn how to recognize. 

Today we went bowling and played ping pong. It was a lot of fun. We went with some members and investigators but yeah not much to tell this week because we talked just a couple of days back but next week hopefully we have cool stuff to talk about. I love you guys and don't forget to read your scriptures and be juiciosos en todas las cosas oy√≥ mis socios ;) (be good in all things you hear).
Elder Gomez

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